Frequently asked questions

1. Can I copy files on the RHL CD onto my hard disk and run RHL from my computer rather than from the CD?

Yes. Create a folder (e.g. RHL11) on your hard disk and copy all the files on the CD into this folder. Look for a file named 'index.html' and double click on this file to run RHL from your hard disk.

2. Can I watch the videos in RHL in the full-screen format?

Yes. Right-click your mouse with the cursor on the video screen. In the new drop down window click on 'Video size' to select the screen size of your choice. Note that in larger than the pre-set screen size, the image quality will deteriorate. If you need to see/show videos in full screen, please order a DVD from WHO (see question 3 below).

3. Are RHL videos available in DVD quality?

Yes, you can order RHL videos on DVD by sending an email to the following address: Please provide your full name and complete address.

4. Is RHL available in print?

No, at the present time RHL is available only in electronic format. However, Wiley-Blackwell – publisher of The Cochrane Library – has recently published a pocketbook entitled: A Cochrane pocketbook: pregnancy and childbirth. This for-sale book contains abstracts of all the Cochrane reviews in the field of pregnancy and childbirth. More information on the book and how to get a copy is available on the following Internet web site:

5. Why are the other language versions of RHL older than the English version?

The English language version of RHL is the first to be updated and published. Translation work starts only after the English version has been finalized. The other language versions usually lag behind the English version by approximately six months.